Functional Safety Engineer - FSE

The complete course for Functional Safety Engineer - FSE of  MTIC Academy, is structured in 3 days of face-to-face lessons, and half a day dedicated to the holding of the exam. It aims to train personnel to guarantee the reduction of risks related to hazardous events, using devices of different types and nature (electrical, electronic), connected to each other and known as SIS - Safety Instrumented Systems, to design it according to IEC 61511 and composed of components called "suitable for safety application" as per IEC 61508 standard.


The course is mainly addressed to Technicians, Designers, Directors and Technical Managers and all the people involved in any phase of the phase of life cycle of the design of the SIS.


€ 1.850 + VAT


The course is divided into two modules, the first 16 hour module and the second 24 hour module, which can be attended separately:

  • Basic principles of functional safety
  • FSE - Functional Safety Engineer

At the end of the entire course of the two modules can be carried out the examination, in case of positive result will be released:

  • FSE - Functional Safety Engineer examination certificate
  • Card
  • Functional Safety Engineer registry entry

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