Playground Inspection

Playgrounds are defined as all those equipped spaces, intended for the play activities of children and young people. Every year, there are many accidents during the use of these spaces. The causes can be attributed, on the one hand, to the instinct of discovery and challenge that characterizes the psychomotor development of children and, on the other hand, to the presence of equipment lacking in precautions and safety protections or not properly subjected to checks and maintenance. Following the installation of the games and their opening to the public, the responsibility for what might happen lies with the manager of the area. The operator has the obligation to check such equipment and therefore to keep it safe and functional.

MTIC Group guarantees full compliance with the safety requirements established by the standard UNI EN 1176-7:2018, the installation through inspections and controls of playgrounds and equipment for playgrounds in schools, kindergartens and public and private facilities.

The UNI EN 1176-7:2018 standard requires that "freely accessible" games are checked at regular intervals by means of periodic maintenance. For this purpose, three types of inspections are envisaged:

Three types of inspections are required:

  • Periodic visual inspection (every week)
  • Operational-functional inspection (every 3 months)
  • Main annual inspection, to verify compliance with the reference regulations.

Once the potential flaws have been identified, the MTIC Group technicians indicate specific solutions to remove any possible dangers and provide suggestions on the correct maintenance of the gaming equipment.

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The activity involves checking the site where the playground is installed to ensure its safety and reliability during use. The following tests may be conducted:

Entrapment tests

Falling Spaces

Tests for conditions of incorrect use of the product  

Free spaces

Tests for stability or structural integrity



Release of the final report and approval of its contents.

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