Compliance - ISO 19600

The ISO 19600 standard, published in December 2014, provides guidance for setting up, developing, implementing, evaluating, maintaining and improving an effective Compliance Management System (Compliance Management System) close to the needs of each organization, regardless of size, structure, nature and complexity.

The ISO 19600 standard defines Compliance as the fulfilment of all the requirements (Compliance Obligations) that an organisation is required to fulfil, whether as a mandatory (Compliance Requirements) or voluntarily chosen (Compliance Commitments).

A commitment to Compliance means that an organization must comply with:

  • All laws, regulations and norms that have an impact on its business;
  • All contractual conditions agreed with its customers and other interested parties;
  • All requirements, chosen on a voluntary basis, in accordance with company policy and the code of ethics.

The importance of Compliance is due to the increasing number of mandatory or voluntary requirements with which each organization must ensure its compliance; this increase leads to deepening of the complexity of the context in which the organization operates, and consequently to an increased risk of failure to meet its commitments.

The consequences of the lack of Compliance could even be disastrous for the survival of the organization, potentially leading to involvement in criminal or civil lawsuits, a decline in reputation, the payment of financial penalties, and even the loss of confidence on the part of investors and markets.

An assessment of internal and external risks leads to an effective implementation of the CMS to effectively prevent such risks.

The purpose of a CMS is:

  • Provide the organisation with the ability to effectively control the internal and external risks associated with the requirements applicable to its activity
  • Help mitigate the potential involvement of the organization in the event of an alleged lack of Compliance and protect the company's reputation and market confidence.

The COMPLIANCE ASSESSMENT of MTIC Group is a certification service that supports organizations in assessing the effectiveness of their compliance management, highlighting critical issues and areas for improvement and providing an assessment of the CMS appropriate and consistent with the context in which the company operates and the risks related to it.

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