The Fourth Industrial Revolution, known to most as Industry 4.0 or Transition 4.0, has its roots not only in the introduction and use of "new" technologies, but also, and above all, in a radical change in the concept of "organization" along the entire value chain; and when we talk about change and value, we can not help but talk about "innovation".

Today, more than ever, companies have to deal with a new way of conceiving their business, based on a "company" body that must be agile, dynamic, flexible and highly receptive, that is, in a word "innovative", placed in an increasingly globalized context. To remain competitive, they are called upon to deal with technological, organisational, process, product/service innovation, and it is essential that this happens in a structured and systematic manner.
In this context, companies will be presented with both opportunities and new risks.

The main opportunities are the improvement of the production level, of the competitiveness in international markets, of the management of customer needs, of the internal organizational climate, of the brand reputation. At the same time, the risks to be faced and managed are both structural and organisational, but often new. For example, it will be necessary to be prepared for compliance with new regulatory requirements, the impact of innovation on the health and safety of workers, the functional safety of machines and equipment, the security of information, cyber crime.

To support companies in this transformation process, MTIC InterCert, thanks to its internal skills and qualified partners, has activated a specific unit: MTIC INNOVATION 4.0.

Thanks to the services offered, companies will be able to certify their level of innovation. The manufacturers, the predisposition of the products to the requirements of interconnection beyond the guarantee of safety in compliance with technical standards and international guidelines. The users, the asseveration for the correspondence of the goods purchased to the requirements of the plan TRANSIZIONE 4.0.

Moreover, thanks to MTIC INNOVATION 4.0, companies will be able to take advantage of specific services for information security: assessment of the level of information security, vulnerability assessment, penetration test and certification of the information management system.

In this context, new qualified professional skills will be required, such as those of reference for transferring, managing and supporting innovation in the company, capable of creating value in the goods and services produced, in a lasting and sustainable manner with the introduction of new organizational and business models.


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