Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials | ISO 3834

The quality of a welded joint can be partly ascertained through product controls, but it must be "designed" in parallel with the product itself: from this requirement derives the introduction of the ISO 3834 standard which defines the "Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials".

The standard is applicable at the manufacturing stage, both in the workshop and on site, to any type of construction welded by fusion.

Already widely used in the construction of machinery, pressure equipment and plants, with the new European regulatory scenario that requires CE marking for metal structural components according to EN 1090-1, compliance with the requirements of ISO 3834 becomes mandatory and propaedeutic for all companies that produce structural components using welded joints.


The certification service offered is structured in stages, the completion of which allows manufacturers to demonstrate the competence of the company in the application of appropriate control of welding processes.


Verification of technical documentation against requirements, process qualifications and personnel certifications.


Verification of the production site (Welding Fabbrication Control - WFC) by qualified inspectors from the OdC in accordance with the requirements of the applicable regulations.


Delivery of the end of activity report and issue of ISO 3834 Certification.

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