Certification of Social and Welfare Services for the Elderly | UNI 10881

The UNI 10881 standard is intended for all companies that provide social welfare services in residential care for the elderly, by providing them with an organizational model of planning, forecasting, listening and participation of the customer as a reference.

The standard defines the requirements for the following residential types:

  • Residence specializing in the severity and condition of the elderly (mono-structure);
  • Residence divided into units for the elderly with different severity and needs (multi-functional structure).

The most significant points taken into account by the standard are:

1. Social and health care processes:

  • Information;
  • Admission phase;
  • Insertion phase;
  • Discharge phase.

2. Implementation of social and health care processes:

  • Responsibility of the management;
  • Definition of guidelines, policy, roles and responsibilities;
  • Implementation of the activity;
  • Management of human resources, etc.

3. Design of innovative services.

With the certification of an independent third party body, the company provides credibility of its commitments to its customers and interested parties.

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