Safety Machinery Expert | SME

The Safety Machinery Expert (SME) is the training course of MTIC Academy designed and structured to meet the needs of all professionals who want to implement the concepts of the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

The increasing number of automation systems in the manufacturing industry requires continuous development and updating of the technology and regulations applicable.

The essential safety requirements of machines and plants are evolving significantly and automation systems have become indispensable to manage the safety functions of countless applications. Which means that the health and safety of operators, equipment and the environment depend strongly on the proper functioning and reliability of control and command systems.


The Safety Machinery Expert (SME) course is intended to provide:

  • Further information about the Guide to the Machinery Directive ed. 2016;
  • Application examples of the harmonised standard;
  • Techniques for calculation and assessment of PL and SIL;
  • Further information on the new IEC 60204-1:2016.

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The course is mainly addressed to specialized technical personnel, whose working responsibilities are related to the design, construction, operation, maintenance and/or improvement of machines, control of machines and industrial plants (both new and in service).


€ 1.750 + VAT


The course is structured in 5 modules, which can be attended separately:

  • MODULE A - Risk analysis and drafting of the technical file
  • MODULE B - User manual and conformity assessment procedures
  • MODULE C - Electrical equipment of machines
  • MODULE D - Machine protection devices
  • MODULE E - Functional safety of control systems

At the end of the entire course of the five modules, the exam can be carried out, in case of positive result will be issued:

  • SME - Safety Machinery Expert exam pass certificate
  • Card
  • Safety Machinery Expert Register entry

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